A Night of Animated Shorts

Movie Screening: A Night of Animated Shorts

November 9, 5–6pm, Weiss Center for the Arts, Room #235

This mini-festival screens the following award-winning animated short films.

  • Creature Comforts, created by Nick Parks, UK (5 mins), introduced audiences to the humor and creativity of the artist who later became famous for his Wallace and Gromit films. 

  • Historia de un Oso (Bear Story), created by Cabries Osorio Vargas, Chile (11 mins), shapes a moving story about the effects of the brutal dictatorship of the Pinochet regime through a mechanized, steampunk aesthetic. 

  • World of Tomorrow, created by Don Herzfeldt, USA (17 mins), presents an offbeat spin through time-travel/end of time with three-year old Emily and her future child, Emily Prime.

  • Me and My Moulton, created by Torill Kove, Canada-Norway (14 mins) toys with the dynamics of a well-meaning, architect/artist couple and their children, who want nothing more than a bicycle. 

  • A Single Life, created by Marieke Blaauw, Joris Oprins, Job Roggeveen, Netherlands (3 mins), takes the viewer along the sprial of life in the grove of a vinyl record. 
This screening is free to the public. While selected for a collegiate audience, these films are also appropriate for viewers in middle-school and older. For questions regarding content, see the Parental Notices for each film in the IMDB.