Running Performance: From Muybridge and Motion to the Physics of Ground Force Application

Free Public Lecture by Peter Weyand, Director of the SMU Locmotor Performance Laboratory

October 13, 2017, 5-6pm, Rector Science Center, Stafford Auditorium

Animal Locomotion (1887), Eadweard Muybrige's pioneering work on motion study, demonstrated that one could use photography to consider how animals move in space. More than a century later, scientists still rely on the founding principles of his work to consider a wide range of moblity issues, from refining the techniques of world-class sprinters to developing limb replacement and biomechanical devices. 

In this presentation, researcher Peter Weyand discusses his work as director of Southern Methodist University's Locomotor Performance Laboratory and the impact that Muybridge has made on this field of study. 

"Something's Strange About Usain Bolt's Stride"