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The Trout Gallery offers multi-age programs for home school students several times during the academic year and the summer. The programs are designed to interface the museum’s exhibitions with the core curriculum subjects of language arts, history, math, and science. Children engage in lively activities and close observation while exploring an exhibition and create a small project in the art classroom.  Class size is limited to 28.

2018-2019 Programs


Bilingual, ESL, and Language Learning  

The Trout Gallery offers award-winning programs that combine art and language to promote language acquisition and cultural appreciation.  Please contact us to learn more about bilingual tours, ESL offerings, and language learning programs for your group. 

Spring 2019 

Due to a current staff vacancy, we are unable to offer K-8 homeschool programs for our Spring exhibitions.  We expect to resume K-8 offerings beginning in June.

Summer Workshops 

Bring your day camp, club, or organization for a 1.5 hours workshop during select summer weeks.  All workshops include a hands-on activity.  Individual workshops are offered free of charge.  Choose from among the three program themes listed below.  Reservations are required.   

Dates Offered:

June 14

June 24-25

July 1-3

July 29-August 2

August 5-9

Water Play

 3-4 year olds

Designed to introduce our youngest visitors to the joy of looking and making, this program takes inspiration from large-scale photographs of water on view at The Trout Gallery. Kids pretend they are detectives finding clues in the art and then play with water in our Education Center.  Everyone takes home a water-based art project.

Cities of the Future

5-12 year olds

What might the city of tomorrow look like?  Put on your architect's hat and get ready to build in this program inspired by the works of printmaker Evan David Summer.

Water Worlds

5-12 year olds

Artist Edward Burtynsky creates huge photographs that show how water impacts the lives of people around the globe.  In this program students will explore his works and use water to create their own environmental art.


Summer Day Camps 

The Trout Gallery partners with Carlisle Arts Learning Center (CALC) and the Carlisle Parks and Recreation Department to offer the following full-day camp experiences.  During selected weeks, campers will spend a half day at The Trout Gallery and a half day at the partnering institution.  Contact the partner institution for details and registration.* 

*Full scholarships available for the CALC camps. Ask for more information when registering. 


June 10-13 Carlisle Parks and Recreation 

June 17-21 CALC 

Ages: 5-12

It’s everywhere, powerful, and constantly changing. Water is an awesome force of nature! This camp takes its inspiration from photographs of water on exhibit at The Trout Gallery. Campers will investigate the mysteries of water and learn to control water through sculpture, let it run wild in paintings, and harness its force to create kinetic art. Who’s thirsty?

Build and Destroy 

July 8-11 Carlisle Parks and Recreation

July 15-19 CALC

Humans have built towering structures from the beginning of time, but they also love ancient ruins. Can beauty be found in both?  In this program students will explore the eerie futuristic worlds created by printmaker Evan David Summer, and create their own cities.  Destruction is optional.  


For Carlisle Parks and Recreation Camps:

CALC Camps: 

To register for programs: 

Trout Workshops:
  • Email Heather Flaherty, Curator of Education at flaherth@dickinson.edu
  • Call (717) 245-1492


To register for a program contact: 
Heather Flaherty
Curator of Education 
flaherth@dickinson.edu or (717) 245-1492