Middle/High School

The Trout Gallery Education Program partners with local agencies and schools to provide area middle and high school students with programs based on a wide range of exhibitions. Programs are interdisciplinary, designed to teach visual analysis skills, and include large and small group discussion.  Teachers may request a specific approach to content based on the focus of a class.  Examples of approaches include:

  • Visual Literacy
  • Art as Cultural Context
  • Art as Conceptual Framework
  • Art as Primary Text

2018 Programs


Bilingual, ESL, and Language Learning  

The Trout Gallery offers award-winning programs that combine art and language to promote language acquisition and cultural appreciation.  Language learning programs are available in French, German, Spanish and Italian.  Please contact us to learn more about bilingual tours, ESL offerings, and language learning programs for your group. 


FALL 2018 

The Carlisle Indian Industrial School 

Sept. 7-Feb 2 

7-12 Grades 

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the closing of The Carlisle Indian Industrial school, the prototype for assimilation-based Native American boarding schools.  Run between 1879 and 1918, the school was home to a total of 10,000 children from 140 different tribes.  In this program, students will re-trace the story of the school and its place in American history through an exploration of works of art on view.   


Guns and Culture In America 

November 3-February 16 

8-12 Grades 

From the Revolutionary War, to the cowboys of the 19th Century Wild West, and the gangsters of early 20th century cinema, guns have long played a central role in American culture.  In this program, students will examine artworks representing diverse perspectives on the role of guns in American culture today in order to understand how guns serve as powerful symbols of law, history, belief, and identity.* 

*This program contains mature content.   



Due to a current staff vacancy, we are unabvle to offer 7-8th grade school programs this Spring.  We expect to resume 7-8 school offerings in the Fall of 2019.  We will be offering high school programs.

Art Activists

February 8-April 6

9-12 Grades

Ever wondered how artists use their skills to make the world a better place?  In this program students will explore contemporary artworks by nine different artist-activists on view in the exhibition Agency, Tolerance and Imagination: Art and Civic Engagement. Treating issues ranging from animal rights to environmental destruction and the sovereignty of indigenous peoples, these works of art demonstrate the rich and nuanced perspectives artists bring to some of the world's most pressing challenges.

Japan Opens Up

March 1-April 13

9-12 Grades

In 1853 Japan opened its borders resulting in profound cultural and political changes throughout the country and the world.  These changes were documented in prints, an accessible and popular medium within Japanese culture.  Students in this program will examine prints on view in the exhibition Timely and Timeless: Japan's Modern Transformation in Woodblock Prints as a primary source important to understanding the historical impact of the 1853 decision.


To register for a program contact: 
Heather Flaherty
Curator of Education 
flaherth@dickinson.edu or (717) 245-1492