Middle/High School

The Trout Gallery Education Program partners with local agencies and schools to provide area middle and high school students with programs based on a wide range of exhibitions. Programs are interdisciplinary, designed to teach visual analysis skills, and include large and small group discussion.  All programs are free of charge and funds are available to pay for bus transportation (inquire when reserving).  Teachers may request a specific approach to content based on the focus of a class.  Examples of approaches include:

  • Visual Literacy
  • Art as Cultural Context
  • Art as Conceptual Framework
  • Art as Primary Text

FALL 2021-WINTER 2022

The Trout Gallery is currently offering in-person and virtual education programs.  Masks are required for visits to The Gallery.

Horace Pippin: Racism and War, September 24, 2021–February 19, 2022


Grades 6-12  

Painting What I See 

Horace Pippin was a self-taught artist, who rose to fame as one of the most celebrated African American artists of all time.  His secret?  He painted the world as he saw it.  In this program, students will explore how Pippin used the artistic tools of scale, composition and symbolism to represent a world he saw as divided by racial prejudice.  Students will then select an issue they see as important in today’s world and paint it using a combination of realistic and symbolic components.   


The Art of Wartime Propaganda 

Students will contrast the images and messages of World War I and World War II posters as a means of exploring the historical context of African American lives during times of war. They will then use this knowledge to analyze propaganda created for the Double V- Campaign, a precursor to the Civil Rights Movement.  Using the visual strategies of propaganda, students will create their own message* about changes needed in contemporary America.  

*Teachers may choose to do this either as a poster or skit project. 


A Superhero For 2021? 

Students will examine the storyline of Marvel’s Truth: Red, White and Black comics series as it relates to the lived experiences of African Americans during the Second World War.  Based on the Tuskegee experiments and featuring the African American soldier Isaiah Bradley, the series traces pivotal moments in the experiences of African Americans at war.  Students will learn the techniques of comic illustration and use them to create their own image of a superhero for the present day. 

Tracing Slavery, October 23, 2021 - January 23, 2022 


Grades 9-12

The Outline of Our Lives 

The cut silhouette art form has existed for centuries as a simple yet powerful tool for expressing identity and experience.  In the hands of artist Moses Williams, outlines of facial profiles communicate the specific features of individuals so well that they can be personally identified.  Contemporary artist Kara Walker also uses the silhouette form—in her case to draw attention to common racial stereotypes and the lived experience of African Americans past and present.  In this program students will examine these works and create silhouettes representative of their own personal identities and experiences.   


Re-memory and History 

The story of the American Civil War has come down to the present primarily through narratives written by white men.  What might this story look like if it reflected the perspectives of African Americans living at the time?  Or of women?  Or children?  In this program we will explore how contemporary artist Kara Walker adapts the literary technique of “re-memory” to present new stories about the Civil War, ones that consider a variety of perspectives left out of traditional accounts.  Students will use the techniques they learn about to re-tell* famous events from the past to include new perspectives.   

*Teachers may choose either a writing or art project for this program. 


The above programs consist of an interactive tour of objects on exhibit followed by a related hands-on art activity.  Programs are one and a half hours in length and offered Tuesdays 9AM to 3PM and Fridays 9AM to 1PM.  Alternate times may be possible depending on staff availability.  Please inquire.  ALL PROGRAMS ARE FREE OF CHARGE.   



Bilingual, ESL, and Language Learning  

The Trout Gallery offers award-winning programs that combine art and language to promote language acquisition and cultural appreciation.  Language learning programs are available in French, German, Spanish and Italian.  Please contact us to learn more about bilingual tours, ESL offerings, and language learning programs for your group. 


To register or ask questions, email or call Allison Neslund, Museum Outreach Educator, at neslunda@dickinson.edu and (717) 254-8116.