Summer Programs



Bring your day camp, club, or organization for a 1.5 hours workshop during select summer weeks.  All workshops include a hands-on activity.  Individual workshops are tailored to the age level of kids 4-14 and offered free of charge.  Choose from among the three themes listed below.  Reservations are required.   

June 4-8 

June 11-15 

July 2, 3, 5 and 6 

August 6-10 


How does scale impact our experience of a work of art?  Why might you decide to make a picture big, medium, or little?  Visit the large-scale photographs of artist Joyce Tenneson to find out.  Students will compare the sizes of different works of art, and then create their own out-of-this-world BIG picture. 

Prime Time 

Joyce Tenneson, one the most prominent female photographers of our time, entices her audience to consider beauty itself. Known for hauntingly beautiful images and extraordinary scale decisions, Joyce shows how beauty can be found outside the prime of life. Discuss the cycle of life, and explore its expression in still-lifes, portraits, and landscapes, before creating your own work of timely beauty. 

Show Me Your Story 

Can you tell a story without words?  Seventy-two artists told stories about the experiences of Nineteenth-century Native Americans in works of art on view. Using striking imagery and nontraditional backgrounds, the artists used color, line, shape, and composition to tell complicated stories in just a single image.  Join us in the gallery and learn how to decipher their imagery; then, use your knowledge to tell your own story without words! 


Day Camps 

The Trout Gallery partners with Carlisle Arts Learning Center (CALC) and the Carlisle Parks and Recreation Department to offer the following full-day camp experiences.  During selected weeks, campers will spend a half day at The Trout Gallery and a half day at the partnering institution.  Contact the partner institution for details and registration.* 

*Full scholarships available for the CALC camps. Ask for more information when registering. 

Paint, Print, or Photograph? 

June 18-21 Carlisle Parks and Recreation 

July 30-August 3 CALC 

How can you tell the difference between paintings, photographs, and prints? Become an art detective as you examine the lines, textures, and effects specific media bring to a final work of art.  Students will work in teams to uncover clues in art scavenger hunts and games.  Through interactive experiments, students will have the opportunity to test various media tools and techniques, and select their favorites for creating final projects. 

Mixed Media Stories 

June 25-28 Carlisle Parks and Recreation 

August 13-17 CALC 

By exploring powerful images from the Re-Riding History exhibition on view, students will engage in conversation and activities about storytelling across media. How do you tell a story through art? What does a story in song look like?  What about in dance? In visual art,  can you use more than one material to tell your story? Yes, you can! Students will be encouraged to create individual art stories using paper, canvas, paint, ink, textiles, found materials, and more.  


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