Governance Statement

1. The Trout Gallery is the art museum owned by and operated at Dickinson College.
2. The Trout Gallery is a separate administrative unit within the Division of Academic Affairs. The Trout Gallery director reports on all matters regarding The Trout Gallery to the Provost & Dean of the College.
3. The Trout Gallery director is served by The Trout Gallery Advisory Committee, which provides non-binding counsel on gallery policies, activities, collections, programming, development, strategic planning, and related matters.
4. The Trout Gallery Advisory Committee is a sub-committee of the all-college Academic Program & Standards Committee (APSC) and submits meeting reports to APSC. 
5. The Trout Gallery is supported by Board of the Friends of The Trout Gallery, a volunteer organization, which supports The Trout Gallery's mission by assisting in the development of collections, programs, and resources.