Contemporary Ceramic Art from Sweden

Voices features material by the leading exponents of the dynamism and originality of contemporary ceramic art in Sweden. Their work represents a renewal occurring in this medium during the past ten years that, not unlike other current craft movements, redefines ceramics as an art form used for freedom of expression, no longer as objects designed primarily for function. The exhibition is curated by Inger Molin, a major figure in the transformation of Swedish ceramics. Her selection includes works by artists from different generations and each with a vastly different style and point of view, creating an exhibition that reflects the diversity of Swedish ceramics created today. It features works by Frida Fjellman, Renata Francescon, Eva Hild, Pontus Lindvall, Mårten Medbo, AnnaSofia Mååg, Gustaf Nordenskiöld, Kjell Rylander, Per B Sundberg, and Kennet Williamsson.

Voices: Contemporary Ceramic Art from Sweden was developed by the Swedish Institute and organized for tour by INTERNATIONAL ARTS & ARTISTS, Washington, DC.