College Courses

FALL 2021

The Trout Gallery will offer in-person and virtual museum visits to Dickinson classes in the Fall semester.  Contact Heather Flaherty, Curator of Education, for more information:

Incorporating The Trout Gallery in Course Syllabi

The Education staff works with faculty members to develop museum-based programs to expand and enrich course syllabi. Programs are designed with the faculty member to address the specific needs of each course. Some sample formats include:

  • Meet with your students in the Trout Gallery as part of a class session or assignment, integrating course works in an exhibition currently on display
  • One-time program based on a material in a temporary exhibition; to be used once
  • On-going program based on material in the museum’s collections, designed to be a regular element in the course syllabus
  • Individual research project (for students and faculty/student collaborations) based on the museum’s collections

Visit the museum Exhibitions and Collections web pages for information on current resources.

Language Courses

Through specially designed language-based programs, students expand their conversational skills and broaden their working vocabulary. The education staff works with language professors and their teaching assistants to plan a program in the course language with exhibit-related vocabulary list, learning goals, and discussion questions that relate to the museum’s exhibitions and collection materials. More than one hundred language classes participate in such programs each year.