Middle/High School

The Trout Gallery Education Program partners with local agencies and schools to provide area middle and high school students with programs based on a wide range of exhibitions. Programs are interdisciplinary, designed to teach visual analysis skills, and include large and small group discussion.  All programs are free of charge and funds are available to pay for bus transportation (inquire when reserving).  Teachers may request a specific approach to content based on the focus of a class.  Examples of approaches include:

  • Visual Literacy
  • Art as Cultural Context
  • Art as Conceptual Framework
  • Art as Primary Text

Fall 2022-WINTER 2023

1970 in the Media: Robert Rauschenberg's Surface Series (Grades 9-12), through October 15

Space travel, racial unrest, Nixon's presidency and environmental polution--these themes run as constant threads through Surface Series, a set of 18 prints made by groundbreaking artist Robert Rauschenberg between January and February of 1970.  Using headlines drawn from mainstream and tabloid headlines of the day, Rauschenberg created dynamic works of art that both capture the spirit of the times and offer a pointed critique of contemporary media.  Students will apply visual thinking strategies to analyze individual images while learning about important historical events that shaped the time period.


Grades K-12 , March 15-April 15

Programs are tailored to the developmental and educational needs of specific grades and students.  Programs for K-6th grade include a hands-on art project designed to reinforce exhibition concepts.

Learn about early 20th century East Asian art and culture through an exploration of prints featuring images of the natural world.  From bird and insects to flowers and trees, the works on view in this exhibition reveal the values, modern ideas and artistic traditions of a world that was dramatically changing as modernization impacted everything from family life to jobs and artistic expressions.


Bilingual, ESL, and Language Learning  

The Trout Gallery offers award-winning programs that combine art and language to promote language acquisition and cultural appreciation.  Language learning classes are available in Spanish, French, German and Italian.  Please contact us to learn more about bilingual tours, ESL offerings, and language learning programs for your group. 


To schedule a tour, register or ask questions, email Heather Flaherty, Curator of Education, flaherth@dickinson.edu or (717) 245-1492.