Pre-K / Elementary School

Pre-K / Elementary Programs

The Trout Gallery Education Program provides lively, cross-disciplinary museum programs to Pre/Elementary classes. The programs encourage creativity and learning through meaningful encounters with art and cultural artifacts, and through participation in age-specific group activities and hands-on projects. Class size limited to 28 students. With the exception of programs offered in collaboration with area partners (CALC, Carlisle Parks and Recreation Department), all progrmas are offered free of charge.  

**The Trout Gallery has funds to pay for bus transportation for groups. Please inquire while making a reservation.


Spring 2021

While The Trout Gallery is closed to off-campus visitors this semester, teachers may sign their class up for an educational Zoom program led by Education staff and Student Assistants.  Programs are taught using digital images of works in the collection and include virtual tours of upcoming exhibitions.  In the Spring, we will offer the following Zoom programs, which are tied to current and upcoming exhibitions.

March 1-May 1

Exhibition: Imagining the Divine: Religious Mythology and Art, Feb. 7 2020-

Program: Myths That Shaped The World: Reading Stories in Objects From Six World Religions




What do people around the world do with the art they love?  They might look at it, use it to tell stories, or even use it in important ceremonies or as part of everyday life.  From Greek mythology to Buddhism, kids in this program learn how religious art is used in different traditions.


  • Kindergarten Language Arts: SL.K1, SL.K4, SL.K6, RI.K.3, W.K.8, RL.K.2, RL.K.9 
  • Grade 1 Language Arts: RI 1.7, SL 1.4, SL 1.5 
  • Grade 1 Social Studies:  8.2.1.C, 8.4.1.C 
  • Grade 2 Language Arts: SL.2.1, SL.2.2, RL.2.2
  • Kindergarten Visual Arts: VA.Pr6.1.Ka, VA.Ca11.1.Ka
  • Grade 1 Visual Arts: Pr6.1.1, VA.Cn1.1.1
  • Grade 2 Visual Arts:  Cn11.1.2


Decoding Stories in Art

Art objects from around the globe tell stories through symbols.  Learn the symbols used in art and decode myths that teach us the beliefs of people around the world.


  • Grade 3 Language Arts: SL.3.1, SL.3.3 
  • Grade 3 Social Studies: 8.1.3.A, 8.1.3.B 
  • Grade 4 Language Arts: SL.4.1, RL.4.9 
  • Grade 5 Language Arts: SL.5.1, RL.5.9
  • Grade 3 Visual Arts: .Pr6.1.3
  • Grade 4 Visual Arts: Re7.2.4
  • Grade 5 Visual Arts: Re7.2.5, Cn11.15



Place, People, and Belief: The Geography of World Religions

How does where you live impact what you do all day?  What about what you believe?  In this program, kids explore how geography shapes cultures around the globe.


  • Grade 6 Language Arts: CC.1.5.6.A, CC.1.5.6.F 
  • World Cultures (Grade 6): 7.2.6.A, 7.3.6.A, D2.G.10.6-8, D2.G.6.6-8,  
  • Grade 7 Language Arts: CC.1.4.7.B, CC.1.4.7.D 
  • World Cultures (Grade 7): 7.1.7.B., 7.2.7.A, 7.3.7.A, 8.4.7.A 
  • Grade 8 Language Arts: CC.1.2.8.G, CC1.4.8.V


March 15-May 15


5-8 Exhibition: Horace Pippin: Racism and War

Program: Mr. Prejudice: Composing a Message in Art

Description: In 1943 Horace Pippin created the painting Mr. Prejudice to protest the unfair treatment of African Americans who served during World War I and World War II.  When they fought abroad, these soldiers helped bring freedom, equality and justice to American allies.  However, once they returned from serving their country, African Americans found that they did not experience these same rights at home.  Students will analyze  Pippin's painting to explore how Pippin carefully employs composition, scale, color and symbolism to create a message about racism in America.


  • Grade 5 Social Studies: 5.1.5.C, 5.2.5.A, 5.2.5.C
  • Grade 6 Social Studies: 5.1.6.C, 5.1.6.F, 5.2.6.B
  • Grade 7 Social Studies: 5.1.7.C, 8.1.7.B, 8.3.7.A
  • Grade 8 Social Studies: 5.1.8.C, 5.2.8.B, 8.3.8.C
  • Grade 8 Language Arts: CC.1.2.8.G, CC1.4.8.V
  • National Visual Arts Anchor Standards: Re 7 & 8, Cn 11


Bilingual, ESL, and Language Learning  

The Trout Gallery offers award-winning programs that combine art and language to promote language acquisition and cultural appreciation.  Language learning classes are available in Spanish, French, German and Italian.  Please contact us to learn more about bilingual tours, ESL offerings, and language learning programs for your group. 


Questions?  Contact: 
Heather Flaherty
Curator of Education or (717) 245-1492